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An asset valuation is a value / opinion given to a property for which a licensed expert is required.
Generally, a property valuation reference is governed by market value, where data and
information should be collected by trusted institutions operating on real estate and carefully
analyzed by the appraiser to reach a real value of wealth. An estimate of a property does not
necessarily indicate that the asset will be exchanged with the value given.

In which cases a real estatevalutation may be needed:
• Sale-purchase and property exchange.
• For inheritance and donation cases.
• In cases of liquidation, bankruptcy or merger of companies.
• For declaring the property and its value.
• In the case of property damage claims.
• For blocking, in lending cases.
• For divorce cases and asset allocation to partnerships.
• Profit tax.
• For corporate valuation.
• etc.

Through the evaluators licensed by the Ministry of Urban Development, we offer the evaluation
service in the field:
1. Agricultural land,
2.  Woodland,
3. Pasture,
4. Meadow
5. Fruitless soil